Environmental Sustainability Governance Youth Training

Environmental Sustainability Governance Youth Training

Written by Network Secretariat
August 9th 2021







Environmental Sustainability Governance Reporting

Recently on 31st July, 2021 and courtesy of existing partnership SDSN Kenya Youth initiative, Women Empowerment Group and The Gratia Christian College mobilized speakers and participants from 8 Countries; Serbia, Myanmar, Marshall Island, Kenya, Egypt Nigeria, Malaysia and HKSAR to ESG reporting training. A total of 38 participants were able to attend the training. The evevnt was organized BSSI, school of business, Gratia Christian College UNPRME Advance signatory Institute HK.

The speakers and the participants were drawn from 5 key industries;

· Education .This industry was represented by Dr. Shirley Yeung convener of the event and also the Director center for business/Social sustainability and innovations (BSSI )at the Gratia Christian College, Prof. Thomas Wong who is the president IISD, Mr. Milenko Gudic, UNPRME anti poverty working group

· The Civil Society – The key stakeholders represented from this sector included; UN SDSN Kenya, JCI East Kowloon member,/Unossc, Entrepreneurship Academy winning team member –Karine Leung and Unossc Entrepreneurship academy judge –Mr. Bernard Lee

· Technology industry –Reprinting this sector was Mr. Francis Wong from the Flex Systems.

· Trade/Retail and Fashion –Representing this sector was Ms. Mimi Tang and Prof. Thomas Wong

Key Learning Outcomes

i. Policy on business school with the mindset of ethics and fairness in wealth distribution,

ii. Vocational Skills and values with STEAM mind, brain, and heart

iii. Nutrition for wellness and education development

iv. Platforms of measuring ongoing impacts of action from policies, local and global for transforming the world to be a better blessing.

Resource base/Financial Support

The ESG reporting training was implemented courtesy of joined financial contribution of USD$ 100 from Dr. Shirley Yeungand another equivalent contribution from the UN SDSN Kenya youth initiative. A total of USD$200 was used in the mobilization and purchase of Internet bundles for participants from Kenya.